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on that in a moment. >>> first, in new york city the subway system remains crippled after heavy flooding caused what officials say the worst damage in its 108-year history. and no one knows when it will be up and running again. >>> let's go back to new jersey. there were countless rescues and evacuations. and for some the realization that they were no match for mother nature. >> terrible. it was awful. it was the worst thing i ever saw. the waters came down like crazy. we were sorry we stayed. >> worst thing i ever saw. a lot of people are saying that. let's go to katherine craig from our new york station wnbc. she's live in lower manhattan. katherine, one of the big issues down there, the power is out, hundreds of thousands of people affected. >> exactly. >> reporter: it will take days to get power restored. what workers are doing out here, you see consolidated edison workers here trying to restore power. some other crews are also trying to pump out water from the basements of office buildings. something you really don't see in lower manhattan n financial area. you don't see the sump pumps pumping,
is making an early debut. cam mems, donkey and sheep arrived at radio city for the first days of rehearsals. they'll be part of the living nativity segment at the radio city spectacular. no word on the they'll join in in the famous kick line. >>> it can get i have slous in the world of bankers, at least in hong kong where bankers and hedge fund managers jump in the ring to raise money for children's charities. they sometimes train for six months to come out on top. according to one competitor, the hardest part of training was not drinking any beer. >> spoken straight from a banker. >> exactly. >> sitting at the bar. >> it's okay to offend bankers now. >> it's the cool thing to do apparently. >> it used to be the irs. now it's bankers. >>> time now for a early look at the stories we'll follow throughout the day on nbc. two teenage boys accused of killing 12-year-old pasquale. her body was discovered in a recycling bin two days later. the brothers ages 15 and 17 have been charged with first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and disposing of a body as well as theft. the shedd aquarium
that shooting and will decide if it was justified. >>> just into our newsroom, oakland is the first u.s. city to offer combination government i.d.s and bank cards to all citizens. city council members voted to give the final go ahead during tonight's session. all residents can get a card. the debit card fax function keeps people from having to carry cash. the cards will roll out in 60 to 90 days. the price will be a one-time fee of $10 for minors and senior citizens and $15 for adults. richmond is considering a similar program. >>> it was standing room only at milpitas city council meeting. the topic, outsourcing the police department. citizens attended to tell the mayor why they don't think it will work for their city. when the community found out they turned to facebook to gather support against that idea. >> we kind of have become the face of the community. and as a result of that, we've heard a lot of feedback from people that they want to keep those kind of services in this community. >> i have no idea what your financial situations are, where you are looking for money. but do not take i
, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >>> oakland could become the first american city to offer all of its residents i.d. cards that function as bank cards. that could happen tonight. in fact, within the hour. the city council is meeting as we speak. the council is expected to give a final vote on the plan to give all oakland residents the government issued i.d. regardless of immigration status. the debit card, that function would let poor people avoid check cashing fees and keep them from having to carry cash. the proposal has already won unanimous support from the city's finance and management committee. >>> okay. check it out. live pictures. you know who is in town. it's the blue angels right there headed to sfo. you can see them right there careening right across the top of your screen. of course it fleet week. you can't have fleet week without having the famed blue angels. the navy pilots are headed to sfo. they're going to land in just a few minutes. they'll start practicing their position maneuvers over the bay area skies thursday afternoon 1:00 to 5:00. keep your eyes up, look out
jail. police call the death suspicious. if ruled the homicide it would be the city's first of the year. >>> a shocking, twisted case in the south bay as a prominent doctor is charged with numerous drug felonies. dr. marvin bonnham is accused of writing prescriptions in exchange for cash and other drugs. investigators say he was providing drugs to minors, and also raised questions about sexual favors for drugs. the doctor's los gatos home was filled with marijuana, drug paraphernalia and several guns. his former colleagues are calling the situation a tragedy. >> i was shocked. i was astonished and saddened. >> he was at one time a highly respected and very caring compassionate pediatrician. and for some time a naval administrator. >> also arrested was bonham's roommate. they started to check up on the doctor because his desk job involved no patients and he was writing plenty of patients. he will be arraigned tomorrow. >>> oracle team usa is pushing forward. the team managed to salvage some of the $8 million catamaran that capsized on san francisco bay yesterday. we want to show you vide
. demonstrators are planning to march downdownand reopen pie the plaza overnight. the mayor says the city wants to protect first amendment rights but will not tolerate camping or overnight vandalism. >> we help people if they want to have a peaceful demonstration, we're ready to accommodate them. we're also ready to enforce the rules. >> i think the message today is a very basic one. that's just violence versus nonviolence. it's been an issue with the police here. it's been an issue within the movement at some time perhaps. and it's something that we need to address. >> now, oakland police have been in the area all day. and say while they expect a peaceful protest, they're ready for everything and anything. >>> 12 days and counting. so much campaigning that the president is losing his voice. also, the controversial comments of an indiana senate candidate are becoming a campaign issue. steve handlesman joins us live from the nation's capital. he's following all the action from washington. >> good evening to you. it's a bit of a campaign frenzy, and it's not even the final sprint. it's exhausting
, the shuttle made its first stop, at the hiss toreic forumen the city of inglewood for a special ceremony. ♪ city officials, three astronauts who flu missions were in attendance with thousands of patriotic fans. >> "endeavour" is a national treasure. i am pleased. and the new home here in southern california. >> "endeavour's" home will be the california science center where officials hope it will inspire future generations of astronauts. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. >>> clearly this was an instant tourist attraction in los angeles. people have found creative ways to take photos of themselves and the space shuttle. very nice. a good one. there are many more pictures on our website at nbc bay area.com. they're inside our top story. in a race for the white house -- clearing the calendar for the next three days. told to prepare for tuesday's debate. he used his address to take credit for jobs. >> i bet on workers and, that bet is paying off in a big way. >> mitt romney and his runningmate are both in the swing state of ohio. and romney spoke to a large crowd as you can see ther
. october 25th marks the first eviction of the occupy encampment outside of city hall. police urging protesters if you go out, to please remain peaceful. >>> i tell you what, we may as well call this one deja torture all over again. the giants clinging to playoff life trying on avoid flatline status in the series. this comes after the 8-1 loss. they trail st. louis, 3-1. win today or kiss the world series dreams good-bye. we are hoping that is not going to happen. scott rece is live in st. louis right now. scott, the giants turning to mr. barry zito to keep the season alive. >> reporter: yeah, jon, backs against the wall again just like in cincinnati a week ago and in the case in cincinnati, it will be barry zito with the team needing three straight wins to advance to the next round. zito did not pitch well last wednesday, but the giants managed to win the ball game and they won the next two. that is why we are here in st. louis. zito has been a good luck charm for the team. if you go back six weeks, the giants have won his last 12 starts. including last wednesday when he did not pit
. there's some people i have to thank here, first, the new york city metro mod quilters. >> they were party animals. >> i wouldn't quilt with anybody but them. and a big thank you to lucky changs. by the way, they are next door to "scandalous." >> make it a double whopper, if you know what i mean. >> sister mary ellen, mother devine or bearded kathie lee and thanks to dogvaca.com. if you want to go on vacation, you can board your pets with real families. >> that's great. >>> we're going to mix things up all in one pot right after this. >>> good morning. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast. this is a look at where there is a chance for rain during the course of today. looking around the great lakes, parts of new england and in the pacific northwest. this is bringing windy conditions to the early morning hours. it will be marching across the country. out ahead of it, though, it's going to be another warm day. 71 in minneapolis. mid 70s in denver. 80 degrees in kansas city. wednesday, here's the system moving into the northern tier here, throughout parts of
series victory coming on. and it starts with tonight's game one. >> way too pumped up right now. first play-off game ever. this is my city. and we're going to do it for san francisco! go giants, baby! >> i'm pumped because the giants are here to win the world series. we're out here. we're out here. we're out here! >> all right. the giants play the reds again tomorrow night. also at 6:30 at at&t park before heading over to cincinnati. as for the a's, they are in detroit, of course. and coming up in sports, we're going to have all the highlights and the postgame in just a minute. >>> the weather managed to cooperate today. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with a quick look. hello, rob. >> beautiful view there of san francisco right now. our temperature is really not too bad. we're seeing numbers in the 50s and 60s outside. here is a sneak preview to your sunday morning forecast. notice we're going to start to see the fog fill in tonight with some misty skies to start tomorrow morning. so what does that mean for your afternoon plans. i'll have a look at that when we come right back. >>> a
over the city by the bay. that bodes well for the game. 5:07 is first pitch. i think we will see the winds pick up out of the west/northwest. as they do, that could carry the ball out to mccovey cove. temperatures will be mild at 67 degrees. certainly going to be a factor that could equal a splashdown. >> thank you very much. >>> we are following developing news out of san francisco where police just gave the all clear after a suspicious package found near the medical center. a bomb squad was called in to investigate just before 8:00 this morning in the area of third avenue and parnassus. they found a shoe box with a cylindrical device. streets were closed in the area, but they are all now back open. >>> a bay area professor who dropped out of high school is now a nobel prize recipient. alvin roth has been awarded the prize in economic sciences. he is known for being one of the first micro economic engineers recognized for contributions for the practice of market design. when roth was a junior, he dropped out of high school in queens, new york. he eventually graduated from columb
francisco plays host to the tour for the first time with the nation watching as the city's civic center plaza transformed into a collection of street and dirt courses for a four-day series of competition, a festival atmosphere. >> we're looking for a venue that embodies the city feel. we couldn't be happier. we're in front of city hall civic center plaza with the course down the middle. a bmx dirt course and what we wanted, to have this fit in the city and have a great urban feel. >> that is the v.p. of events. the setting couldn't be much better. >> it's definitely insane. you don't see anything dew tour and it's like city block, city block. you turn the corner and there is a massive dirt course in the park. it's rad to see. just getting this in a major city and action sports getting this is awesome. >> getting up close and personal with the fans is another fee. it's free to the public. drew and others will sign autographs at the dew tour experience. it's not just sports. there is other action. friday night the indy band portugal the man will be performing here. portugal the man, where
of cupertino will honor steve jobs on the first anniversary of his passing. the mayor has ordered the city's flag to fly at half staff over the cupertino civic center. jobs grew up in los altos and went to school in cupertino. that's when he and his partner started the famous company. they established its headquarters in cupertino. jobs made his last public presentation at the civic center in june of last year, four months before his death of pancreatic cancer. >>> an unusual warning is about to go out to boat owners now. as we head into a busy bay area weekend, oceanic authorities are issuing an alert that endangered humpback whales are active in the bay this week. they want commercial as well as recreational boat owners to use caution in bay waters and watch for whales. that warning is the backdrop for today's first full day of racing at the america's cup world series in san francisco. the competition is taking place right where fleet week is throughout this weekend. that's where lauren scott files this report. -- lawrence scott files this report. >> reporter: with the world series round
city for our first time. i have no idea what to wear. i'm so excited. >> we are going to get you ready for kathie lee and broadway. are you ready to hit broadway in style? >> yes. >> yes! >> wonderful. how exciting. >> we'll see them there. >> sari is here with her sister sue and best friend amy. keep your blind folds on for a second. here is soni piper before. all right. let's see. great. guys, ready? take off your blind folds. >> you look awesome. >> are you ready to see? turn around here. >> oh, my gosh! >> you look beautiful. >> you look beautiful. >> look right at camera 12. tell us about her beautiful hair. >> okay. soni has fine textured hair. the best way to plump up hair is with hair color and a hair cut. kept the haircut simple. just keep it sort of more appropriate length. we reshape your forehead with the side-swept bangs. make the color warmer. small changes make big differences. before, i don't like to use mousey, but a little dull. >> dull is better. >> them's fighting words. >> now you have just this little glow. >> lovely make-up, so soft and beautiful. >> wait. she is
is the first city in america to offer the government bank i.d. card regardless of status. what makes the i.d. card unique is the debit card function which allows lower-income people to avoid check cashing fees. the program is expected to take 60 to 90 days to roll out. there will be a one-time fee of $10 for minors and senior citizens. richmond is considering a similar program. >>> in the south bay, the allen rock school district is eliminating 18 teaching positions and will combine classes to reduce spending. these moves will save them more than $1 million. school officials blame shrinking enrollment which reduces funding coming from the states. we will take a look at weather and traffic after the break. >>> welcome back. we have beat the heat. temperatures are the hottest temperatures we had all year. arrived just in time for the first week of october. now it will start to feel more like october. we have a couple of more hot days to get through. temperatures today 95 degrees in livermore. 95 in fairfield. 85 degrees in san jose. look at where we are headed. temperatures just crash as we
burglars took their jewelry. when they took the family puppy, a san jose city councilman stepped in. burglars first broke into melissa's home last summer. on monday her south san jose home was burglarized again. this time, though, the bad guys took her 10-year-old daughter's brand new puppy. the little yorkie mix. tonight the little girl has a message for those dog knappers. >> if you bring it back, that would mean the world to me. and i would be willing to give anything. you could have stolen anything from my room but just not my puppy. >> have a heart. get the puppy back. little marisa is offering her piggybank as a reward along with $6,000 put up by the council member and san jose police and fire departments. >>> today was day one of match qualifying at the america's cup world series taking place in the san francisco bay. and among the winners, team korea whose skipper is barely old enough to order a beer. nbc bay area's lauren scott got a chance to take a ride on the high seas and meet sailing's newest phenom. >> lauren scott on the bay with team korea and the youngest skipper b
of violence has san jose city leaders calling for action yet again. >>> and the first presidential debate now in the books, the surprising reaction from analyst and voters right here in the bay area. hear who they think came out on top and why. the news at 11:00 starts now. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. it was a deadly night out on the streets of san jose as police investigate two separate homicides just four hours and only four miles apart. homicides number 35 and 36 this year alone. bob redell is live at the police department. you just attended a press conference there, getting more information about the latest run of violence. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. san jose in the past has prided itself on being america's safest big city has just racked up homicides number 35 and 36 for the year. police believe one of them is gang-related. when we spoke with sapd within the past hour, the officer wondered if the city's still had its gang tax force if that task force was still intact. a gro
. if you are thinking about coming into the city, it will be difficult trying to get here. first off, transit agencies suggest you buy your ticket now. b.a.r.t. will be running on a rush hour schedule. muni will reroute lines. they have a lot of lines up and down market that will be impacted. they will add shuttle buses. golden gate transit will have buses. by the way, caltrain will be running additional trains as well. if you do have to be downtown, keep in mind, they will start the shutdown of market and off streets at 9:30. they should be back open by 5:00. we will have special access during the celebration. you will want to tune in. our coverage begins tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> it will be complete panda-monium. >> i don't follow. you get the reference? >> reporter: what is she talking about? >> go ahead. read the prompter. >> telling jokes to nobody coming up. >> please, please keep it down. thank you for being here tonight. >> jimmy, i know the feeling, my man. how the hurricane put a damper on the late night t
this week, a group called suv muny sued the city over its plans to begin a station at union square. any work on historic union square requires voter approval first. >>> a different kind of church, a metal fragment found. >>> what to watch for in tonight's vice presidential debate. >>> the political fireworks are flying in one city council race. that's coming up. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight. >>> the election's not far away, because the political mudslinging is in full swing. and not the presidential election this time. we're talking about a san jose city council race where two political powerhouses are pushing their candidate. business and labor. damion trujillo is live at city hall, where the race for district 8 seat is drawing complaints from both sides this time. >> reporter: it is. there is one complaint filed against chuck reid for helping rose herrera. and then there's a herrera supporter who filed a complaint against jimmy winn. the accusations are
are closed. in addition to the evacuation in the big apple, also a number of other cities on the east coast. wall street shutdown for the first time since the september 11th attacks. it gives you an idea of how bad sandy is expected to be. sandy leaving a mark on parts of north carolina. these are pictures from curo beach 30 miles north of wilmington. rising tides flooded homes. as many as 50 million people are in that hurricane's path. >> let's get right to meteorologist christina loren who has been tracking hurricane sandy all morning long. >> this is something that meteorologists can only dream up. when you think of all of the interesting components that are coming together and the timing of the storm. let's take you out live and show you the seas are getting very violent out here at dewey beach in delaware. 100 miles away from this location and feeling the impact of the brunt of the outer bands of sandy. hurricane sandy gained strength after crossing the loop current. it is a warm current in the atlantic. they move north bay and they lose that intensity. she has strengthened. maximum su
into poverty. in fact, for the first time there are more poor people living in the suburbs, the traditional home of the middle class, than in cities. we've been following three families as they confronted poverty for the first time. we've been with them on job searches and welfare offices, in their kitchens as they face losing their homes and their futures. yet never losing themselves. diane windemuller is the kind of do it all mom you often meet in the affluent suburbs of boulder, colorado. >> we're going to get some groceries. pasta, rice, cereal, a gallon of milk possibly, and eggs. >> she's an ambitious human resource executive with a masters degree, a husband, three kids, and a comfortable home. so what is diane doing here? >> you're entitled to the government commodities today. could you use rice crispies? >> yes. >> at a food pantry. >> i never imagined we would be in this kind of predicament and for this long. it's so scary there's so many unknowns. >> the windemullers didn't see it coming. three years ago when they moved from michigan to the boulder suburbs. >> i felt that it was k
in with anthony slaughter, keeping track of traffic around the city. most people seem to have heeded the warnings and traffic is not too bad. >> most of the congestion is actually in the city itself, but let's start with a look outside. first, this is a shot of the bay bridge. we are so used to seeing this very congested. unbelievable, diane. this is incredible. lots of folks have heeded the warnings and are using that mass transity system that is getting foebz around the bay very well. let's get you to the map. you can see across the bay bridge things not bad. but it's in the city itself where things do start to bog down, especially on highway 1 once you're off 280 headed toward golden gate and of course where all the events are along the waterfront, that's where most of the congestion is marina district toward chinatown, even knob hill and toward at&t park. overall, it looks like the congestion will remain in the city. of course you have muni, b.a.r.t. and all the golden gate transit. no major accidents to report on now. you'll be the first to hear. >> we don't want everybody to get in their ca
, to finish out the day. 64 in redwood city. the mid-60s down to san jose. for the first series of the games in the world series, let's get this out right. you're going to see a chance of showers at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 p.m. and for the second game on thursday in san francisco, it will be dry and mid-60s and 4:00 p.m. and saturday in michigan, cold and showery. tomorrow, we do not expect a rainout. a 1% chance of that happening. and a chance of a rain delay, only 30% at this time. you can bring your umbrellas at at&t park. but they like the fold-up kind. as we head throughout friday, saturday and sunday, the mid to upper 70s. rain tomorrow morning. and looks like it will be here in time for the giants by the afternoon. >> 1%. there's a 99% chance there's no rain. >> exactly. >> that's good. >> thanks. >>> coming up, they're cutting jobs today and could release more bad news tomorrow. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of pos
post-baby body. how she got ripped for shape magazine coming up. >> but first, michelle obama and ann romney are both in new york city, and mrs. romney just got into her own heated tv debate. jerry has it. >> ann romney on a female-friendly media blitz. >> 95% of what i hear from women is help. >> but did this help? her highly anticipated "view" sitdown turning into a morning show showdown. >> i'm not running for office and i don't have to say what i feel. >> with who else? joy behar. >> do you think that access to contraception and abortion is an economic issue? >> i would love it if you get my husband on the couch, joy, and you can go down with that all you want. >> mitt refusing a date on that couch, slamming the women in this secretly recorded fundraiser. >> they are sharp-tongued and not conservative. >> mrs. romney spinning that mother jones tape this way. >> he said sharp and young. >> today mitt's son tag mired in his own did he really say that controversy taking heat for his comments to wptf radio about this tense debate moment. >> not true, governor romney. >> to hear the pr
still throughout the heartland here. upper 60s in kansas city. that blue, you can see that there. that first front is going to push into the appalachians there on wednesday. so cool air really starting to filter in. you can see that cool air moving into the great lakes. and now chicago, lower 50s, that's it for the daytime highs. not going to see the cold air get as far south as the last push did over the weekend. but you'll notice it around the great lakes. thursday, another front going to bring more cool air coming in from canada. high only at 51 in minneapolis on thursday. and chicago, back into the 60s on thursday. but that's not going to last as that cool air moves through and moves in. you have high pressure replacing that. now back down into the 50s in chicago. chance for rain in the northeast. the southwest, especially the mountains, with a chance of showers. the pacific northwest, after a huge dry stretch will be an increasing chance for rain. and the next system taking shape in the middle part of the country. going to see a chance for rain, mild air ahead of the system.
. by the way, at this point, there was also their three sons and his three daughters. her first store opened in new york city in 2004. and within ten months, oprah called. >> new york style setter tory burch is being hailed as the next big thing in fashion. i just started wearing her clothes a lot. >> reporter: it put tory on the fashion map. the business started on a kitchen table. >> yes, for two years i worked out of my apartment. >> reporter: out of your apartment. >> until i had about 16 employees. >> reporter: that's only eight years ago. >> yeah. >> reporter: how many employees do you have now? >> we have about 2,000. that's crazy. >> reporter: beautiful. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: and a good portion of those employees could probably fit into the luxurious fifth avenue apartment she now inhabits. >> it's a moss green. love this color. but i like the play of turks. obviously i love color. >> reporter: while you may never get to visitory at home, if you drop by a tory burch store like the flagship on madison avenue, you'll feel as if you have stepping into -- is there anything
and his republican rival mitt romney are both getting ready for their first face to face presidential debate in denver wednesday night. romney is holding a rally in the mile-high city today, while the president gears up in nevada. nbc's tracy potts joins us with washington from the latest. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we get an interesting perspective on this from john mccain. he's debated both the president and mitt romney, and he says we will see two very strong well-prepared candidates and in his prediction, few surprises. the president's behind closed doors in nevada for the next two days preparing to face mitt romney in denver wednesday. >> he's a good debater. i'm just okay. but what i'm most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing. >> reporter: both sides are downplaying expectations. a senior aide to the president says romney will be prepared, disciplined and aggressive. romney's debate partner calls the president a tough debater. >> barack obama is going to be formidable and i think it will be a good debate,
succession. we're going to have much more on armstrong coming up a little later in sports. >>> but first, 40 years after it was first conceived, a memorial to the nation's 32nd president, franklin d. roosevelt, finally became a reality yesterday in new york city. former president bill clinton was on hand along with new york leaders and nbc's tom brokaw. the monument honors the four freedoms speech fdr gave prior to world war ii, words that would become part of the united nations' charter. >> we are close to the united nations, which he more than any other soul created, and which has contributed to avoiding that third world war. we are also close to ground zero, which reminds us that we are not yet free from fear. >>> and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. let's begin with an all-out brawl that cost five arizona prison guards their jobs. the correction officers punched and stomped on two patrons outside a bar last september. the men also attacked a father and his 17-year-old son who were trying to break up the fight. each former guard faces aggravated
and swam to shore for help. the body of the first missing man washed ashore on monday. the two men who died were not wearing life jackets. >>> demanding justice. protesters taking over the city council meeting in oakland last night demanding more information on a deadly police shooting that happened five months ago. the family and about 75 supporters of 18-year-old alan bluford packed the chambers for two hours. the family was given a copy of the police report. something they have been asking the police for since the shooting happened. bluford was shot and killed back in may after police say he tried to run away. police said he was killed in an exchange of gunfire that injured the police officer. they later changed the story and the gun believed to be bluford's believed to be recovered from the scene was not. the district attorney and oakland police are still investigating the shooting. >>> the protest comes as a federal report comes to light accusing oakland police of being too quick to pull the trigger. a court-appointed monitor says officers sometimes shoot at suspects even though they m
the vote is the first modern test of the idea of official misconduct. today's vote will be held at city hall at 2:00. in order for mirkarimi to lose his job, 9 of 11 supervisors need to vote against him. >>> and this morning, a judge handing down sentencing for jerry sandusky. the former penn state assistant football coach being sent to prison to serve 30 to 60 years behind bars for sexually abusing ten different boys. at 68 years old, the judge surprisingly felt the sentence for sandusky was sentence, sufficiently amounting to a life sentence. he arrived this morning to a pennsylvania courtroom to face 45 counts related to child sexual abuse. sandusky to this day maintains he is innocent of all charges. >>> how much will pg&e pay for that deadly san bruno blast? the answer will be decided behind closed doors. the judge has approved a request to suspend public hearings and hold closed-door negotiations on this matter. local lawmakers are protesting this decision. they say the pipeline talks should not be hidden from public scrutiny. the judge says the suspension will allow a quicker set
" says it did not approve this ad and wants it pulled from the airwaves. >>> it is a first for san francisco, a target store, not just ordinary target, though. it's a city target. or as we like to call it, tar-jay. that meant a long, long line to get into the official opening tonight at san francisco's metreon. it is one of eight smaller stores opening all across the country to serve busy urbanites they call it. it opens an hour earlier at 7:00 a.m. it features a separate active apparel store, and it has an outdoor seating and eating area. >>> silicon valley's startup spirit is moving north. fremont is now ranked the top city in the nation for tech startups. sizeup.com, a san francisco-based website found fremont has the most tech startups before capita. the rate of startups is twice as high as san jose which placed second. city officials of fremont say they've made it a priority to lure entrepreneurs to the city. >>> a group of young techies have figured out a way to live the high life in one of san francisco's toniest hoods without breaking the bank. stephanie trong joins us with
're in near chaos the mayor concedes he sat down with officers to iron out the differences between city hall and the rank and fire until this week. it happened in this studio. in a story on bay area damion trujillo brought both sides together to discuss issues. >> reporter: they shook hands for the first time in a long time. san jose's may oor and city's police union, but low morale and pay became the topic. >> you have to provide an environment that makes people want to stay and not feel like that you are continually just taken to the bank every time. >> it was a tough thing for the officers to have to take a 10% pay cut. >> reporter: a riff opened between city hall and the police department a couple years ago when the mayor began pushing pension reform to get the city budget into the black. officers felt city hall was making them scapegoats for bad budgeting decisions. >> you mention ntd past you consider yourself also part of the problem because as a city council member when the bargaining unit approached the city, you voted to authorize whatever increases in pay and benefits. >> i agree.
are frustrated with the pace of reform under his leadership since he took office in june as the first elected successor to hosni mubarak. >>> the space shuttle "endeavour" begins its two-day 12-mile journey from lax to the california science museum. city officials had to cut down 10,000 trees along the route in order to make room for "endeavour's" 78 foot wing span. >>> and happy birthday to actor hugh jackman. he turns 44 today. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. and tonight be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." >>> and, finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. donald trump reveals the cast of this season's "celebrity apprentice" and gives his take on last night's debates. >>> and a live look at dazzling diamonds on the set this morning, including an extremely rare 76 carat stone. >>> and now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports, and more. i'm lynn berry. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the
. that's one of the many spots along the jersey shore waking up to a mess this morning. >>> first, more amazing video. from water the fire, 50 homes are destroyed as flames tore through breezy point section of new york city. firefighters were unable to use water from hydrants so they had to get water out of the ocean. serious damage in rhode island where the wind and waves destroyed homes and washed out streets. let's go back to new jersey, two dozen evacuees were forced to flee emergency shelters in atlantic city after the power failed. sandy made landfall in atlantic city just after 8 clox p.m. last night. here is heavy flooding, it was all across the resort town. a 50-foot section of the boardwalk was completely lost in the super storm. >>> back to new york, a spectacular explosion here at a power plant. it was all captured on video. more than 600,000 people lost power. battery park near the tip of lower manhattan was hit by a 13-foot storm surge, two feet higher than predicted. on twitter we found this image of a subway station completely submerged in water. new york is just one of
. i have been overheated. >> get the umbrella first and then the jacket. >> be prepared. >>> council chamber chaos. angry protesters clash with security at oakland's city hall. and that's not the only bay area city dealing with security issues at public meetings. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in oakland with more on what is being done to provide safety and keep the city's agenda on track. jodi? >> reporter: the city of oakland has seen tempers flaring at recent council meetings. they have taken a number of steps to try to keep things orderly, including bringing in 16 police officers to last night's meeting. but things still got heated. council security isn't just an issue here in oakland. >> we are not leaving here without being dragged out of here. >> reporter: last night's oakland city council meeting once again got heated. city staff closed the gallery and kept people who came to protest on a deadly officer-involved shooting from inside already filled to capacity chambers. >> they were very boisterous, and very negative. you know, yelling and shouting down the council memb
. >> tomorrow marks a year since the first round of the oakland demonstration. they say they're ready if there is. they point to progress like a downtown makeover and they say city pride will hopefully keep people from vandalizing businesses and leave the city in shambles. they say it is optimistic, but that mutual police aide is on standby. >> president obama is pulling an all-nighter. he made a stop in southern california for an appearance on t "the tonight show" with jay leno. the president greeted with a standing ovation from a packed audience. he talked about a wide range of topics near and dear to the bay area and in facebook. however, he refuses to endorse a team. one ot highlights from the night was when he was asked about the situation between him and donald trump. >> this all dates back from when we were growing up together in kenya? >> i've got to give you that one. >> you can hear more immediately following this newscast. giants fans have seen her at the ballpark for years. in fact, for decades. but as of tonight, the entire country saw the most famous grandmother in the b
, does that look good. the sun is shining here in new york city. first full day that we've seen of that in the last several days. of course, october 31st means it is halween morning, but while a lot of people across the country and their children will be celebrating tonight, a lot of people in this part of the country will not. obviously their towns have been really hardly affected or hard hit by the hurricane and then tropical storm sandy, so it's going to be an unusual halloween for a lot of people. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and willie geist. we didn't do our halloween celebration here this morning, but our thoughts are with the people who are getting to celebrate. meanwhile, the destruction is evident. 6 million people or more are waking up without power today. you've got homes submerged all along the jersey shore, along the coastline of new york and connecticut. the president is going to get a firsthand look at this today as he tours some of the hardest hit portions of new jersey with the governor of that state, chris christie, so we're going to have more on
. with the new fans there at the coliseum. some new friends. for the first time in nine years the a's and the giants are going to the postseason. playoff fever in san francisco tonight. the tower is looking nice. lit up in orange and so is city hall. the giants open this week at at&t park. the aempb's might also be hosting in oakland. the 49ers will be playing at home. you throw in the america's cup and the blue angels in addition to the a's, giants, 49ers, the weekend will be active to say the least. stay with us for complete on air and how to get around. >>> new at 11:00, the coast guard tells us family members of a michiganing fisherman found the body. they were searching north of pigeon point when they found him. he was one of four men on a fishing trip. the boat capsized after waves slammed into it. two men wearing lifejackets managed to swim to shore and alerted authorities but the other two men were not wearing life vests. >>> first the arrests, now the death. a popular teacher accused of plefing a former student has apparently killed himself. james izumizaki's body was found
their cars for the last four months. now we've brought the drivers and their parents to new york city to watch the video clips for the first time. parents in one room, teens in another. are any of you nervous about your parents' reaction? >> yeah. >> carissa, you're nervous? >> yeah. >> when we met carissa four months ago, she described herself as cautious. >> i am a very careful driver. >> and she told us using her phone while driving was out of the question. >> you can't talk on your cell phone. obviously you can't text. >> was she able to stick to that rule? her mother's counting on it. >> i'm hoping no texting and driving. that's supposed to be one of our rules. >> carissa's mom was in a serious accident a few years ago when a driver blew through a four-way stop sign. >> the car was smashed up right to where i was sitting. so if my kids would have been with me they would not be here today. >> so this is much more personal having this camera installed in your car. >> yes, it is very serious. >> so how seriously has carissa taken all of her mother's warnings? >> red light, red light
hosting a super bowl, the february 2016 game would be the first chance of it. most fans say they would be happy to split super bowl-related events between the city sfwls a city is a city. i think people want to come and have a good time and spend their money here. >> i definitely want the super bowl to be in santa clara because my son will take me to the game. >> reporter: if the nfl announces tomorrow that san francisco is in con teng ftenti have to make a live presentation in front of nfl owners in may who will have the final decision. live in santa clara, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> a political fight over san jose's police department intensified this weekend. and it has to do with the city council woman who's up for re-election and is making some controversial accusations. >> her comments, attempt to disparage an entire police force. >> the newest controversy stems from a campaign advertisement many san jose voters got in the mail on friday. in the mailer council woman rose herrera accuses police union leaders of encouraging tactics such as delaying response
crushed the red sox 10-2. four yankee homers including a two-run bomb by returning first baseman mark teixeira capped off a nine-run second inning. and with an orioles loss to the rays, the yanks took a one-game lead in the a.l. east. >>> in kansas city detroit's miguel cabrera had four hits including a homer during a five-run sixth inning to help the tigers beat the royals 6-3 and claim the a.l. central title. >>> and, finally, that's the spirit, despite losing to the phillies last night, the nationals still had reason to celebrate after a loss by the second place atlanta braves secured the club's first ever n.l. east crown. >>> well, coming up, who's hosting the oscars and who's still the queen when it comes to highest paid women. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, some pet owners will go to almost any length to pamper their pooch, and we've got the video to prove it. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." we talked about the rain heading into the coastal areas of alaska and the big storm moving through the west coast.
city hall and the san jose police department. so i wanted to bring both sides together. >> reporter: for the first time since that rift began a couple of years ago, the mayor and police union sat at the same table, and they shook hands. the mayor says it's not his job to negotiate contracts under the city charter. >> would you like to see, that sit down with the mayor and the administration and not the negotiating team and say okay, let's -- we're not going negotiate a settlement here, but let's talk one to one about the issues. >> yeah, we would welcome that. >> reporter: the half-hour conversation was cordial, yet pointed at times. >> would you recommend a new recruit to san jose police force? >> if he had other options, no. >> well, that's disappointing. i'm sorry that they dent recommend it. we have a great department. it's one of the best police departments in the country. >> reporter: the union admitted the cost for the city to pay officers' pensions was getting out of control. >> you've mentioned to me in the past that you consider yourself also part of the problem because as
. >> for "today", joelle, new york. >> today, call from the wild in latin-america, of all placees. but first, these messagees. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so delicious...so fun. >>> this morning on today's call of the wild, creatures from one of the plannest's most biologically diverse regions, latin-america. >> here to further our understanding of wildlife and knowledge down there, julie, thanks for joining us. >> we have some fantastic animals from the rain forest of south america today. th
people in the apartment when they first arrived. the suspect has gone -- is missing now. he's wanted for a killing in oakland. other than that, investigators aren't releasing a lot of details. >>> a dreaded milestone for the city of oakland, the 100th homicide of the year. investigators say a man was shot and killed near hilton and market. he later died at a hospital. police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward. last year oakland recorded 110 homicides for the entire year. >>> new at 6:00 more information is emerging in the puzzling double homicide near the border between pittsburgh and antioch. detectives identified the victims as 24-year-old christopher zin and they were killed yesterday on buchanan road near ventura drive in pittsburgh. investigators urge anyone with information to come forward. >>> it's a high-profile case and now a san raphael george is ordering a teenager of stealing a car to stand trial. pros could you tell users say he tried he to kill a teenage couple back in open. he opened fire on them as they sat in a parked truck. they think wade was upset bec
's narrowest house has opened its doors to the first of a series of invited residents at about 47 inches at its widest point and 28 inches at its narrowest, the structure yields a tiny bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. familiar in new york city. >>> and finally in england, one little girl has really set the bar high for her peers. the precocious 7-year-old is being compared to the likes of mozart after composing her own opera. that's right. she says parts of the melody have been playing in her head since she was 3 years old. that's when her parents first gave her a violin. they knew their daughter was gifted when she then learned complex pieces in less than a year. if that doesn't make you feel bad. any talented artists in the karins' household? little william, has he mastered it yet? >> he can hit a lot of things very hard. >> those pots and pans? >> yes, exactly. you know. with a spatula. >>> it's time now for an early look at some of the stories we'll follow throughout the day on nbc. kennedy cousin michael skakel is due in court for a parole hearing. a nephew of ethel kennedy is serving 20 yea
. >> we have minor hot spots throughout the city but it is something we anticipated and we have con tin jetingencies set i. and we have officers. the key thing is we want to make sure everyone is safe and that our first responders are safe and the public. so, you know, when dealing with large crowds like this we want them to enjoy themselves and celebrate and have their moment in the city but we want to make sure no one is injured in the process. >> absolutely. >> that is the most important thing. >> you let us know how many police officers you have? what the plan is for the evening. >> our team what a no discretionary time off. we have quite a few officers that have been working throughout the world series. we are ewing all of the resources available and we are working with the department of works, as well and our fire department and other allied agencies that assist us. >> one more question for you, carlos. you know, we talked about the parade two year ago and the parade coming up. obviously you have to prepare for that, pe police department has to prepare for that. it was incredible
want to show you what's happening right now. the ocean waves, at first they were kissing the sand barrier that had been built up, now they are crashing over it, coming underneath the boardwalk in what is evacuation zone a here in new york city. 375,000 people here were ordered to mandatory evacuate. here in the rockaways, we can tell you the lights are still on in several apartment buildings, even cars up and down the street. a lot of people after hurricane irene said they decided to stay put. what you see in the distance is a new york city bus that has been converted into a hurricane shelter transport. there's 72 hurricane shelters set up throughout new york city. so far at last check, there were only about 1,100 people staying inside of them. mandatory evacuations were in place for hurricane irene but that storm petered out. this, of course, expected to be much worse. so many people buying generators, water, extra food, deciding to stick it out. the problem with all of that is in the past four hours that we've been here, conditions have deteriorated quickly. so when people notic
. >> let's give them the good news first. much cooler weather on the way. today, the heat wave continues and everything i'm looking at with all the clear skies overhead. it leads me to believe it will be hotter in some cities today than yesterday. the reason why is the ridge which has been nudged to the north. look at this. this is highly unusual to see fresno not even as warm as monterrey. 89 degrees. close to 90 on the ocean. that is because of offshore flow. it pushes the marine air back out to sea. it is as if the pacific ocean is not there to keep us cool. this is the hottest point again today. 84 degrees already in pleasanton. we will top out warmer today. as of this time tomorrow, we will talk about the low 80s and upper 70s as opposed to 90s. in the tri-valley, we will get cooler and bring in showers and the 70s toward the weekend. the seven-day forecast tells us a story. i'll get to that coming up. >>> thank you. shock and disbelief in the east bay. teachers and students in albany are trying to come to terms with the news that a popular middle school teacher is dead. his dead co
? the championship race? >> yeah, that's right. the first fleet race of this series just started, and the boats are in the process of rounding the reach mark right now, and they'll be heading away from the yacht club down toward the city front and it's going to be pretty exciting viewing down there shortly. >> i think they're watching our broadcast. if you turn around, you can see our photographer is getting them -- they're taking off right now. with the boats out here, people are new to watching something like this, what should they be looking for? >> well, the -- they set up a pretty closed course, the boats can't stray too far off that racetrack. they have to turn as they're sailing to make sure they don't go out of bounds. you'll see the boat turning as they sale up wind or jiving we call it as they sail down wind. those tacks and jives are really important tactically as the boats travel, because you can get an advantage over your opponent. >> it looks like we're just beyond -- we're turning around, we hear that great location to be in front of, because that's where there can also be some o
on a false, hoda, you're not going to keep what you get. >> i also think you should get to know the city. it's probably a lot of fun and exciting guys out there. don't jump on the first one you meet, necessarily. there's going to be another exciting guy. >> look at her. >> i didn't mean -- not a literal jump. a figure ra tiff jump. >> she's like what am i, a who are? what is your problem? . >> great thing about the city, so adventurous, so many things to do here. so many places to go. five boroughs, all of it. >> definitely. >> okay, kids, we're going to come back. >> we have more with our guys. and hulk hogan. we should have him join us. he has explaining to do. >> sure does. >> first, these messages. resent. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold
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